The Slab

bookThe Slab: 24 Stories of Beer in Australia
Glen Humphries
January 2017
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The Slab is a popular history that details 24 moments in Australia’s past where beer played a part. It explains why Captain Cook brought beer with him when he discovered Australia, tells you which city was declared alcohol-free even before it was built, looks into the tale of David Boon and that infamous beer-drenched flight from Australia to the UK and shows why we ended up with the pubs closing at six o’clock for half a century.

Praise for The Slab

“History as it should be written. With beer. About beer. Crisp. Refreshing. Won’t cause bloat.”
John Birmingham (author of Leviathan and He Died With a Felafel in His Hand)

“The Slab is a full-bodied book, with a fruity aftertaste and a nose that carries the slightest hint of sawdust and vomit. I suggest you XXXX it.”
David Hunt (author of Girt and True Girt)

“The Slab is less a historical document, more a rollicking ride through a bizarrely untapped part of an openly beer worshipping nation’s past. That’s not to say you won’t learn anything; you will – and about much more than beer. But you’ll also walk away infused with the sheer joy that Glen has clearly poured into every – and I mean every – page.”
James Smith (from the Crafty Pint)

The Slab takes episodes from the long and rich saga of beer in this country – some obscure and some well-known (such as cricketer David Boon’s now legendary consumption of 52 cans on a flight to Britain) – and presents them in a highly readable way, spiced with self-deprecating humour and quirky asides.”
Max Allen, Australian Financial Review

“I loved this book and am confident you will too.”
Roger Hanson, Hobart Mercury

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