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If you head over to Beer is Your Friend, you’ll find me crapping on about beer. I got so good at it that I even won an award. I started this site because I had plans to write and publish a few books and figured it made more sense to keep that separate, rather than plugging them on the beer site.


When it comes to social media, you can find me on Twitter by looking for @26bear. In case you’re curious that handle came about after having heaps of other options rejected because someone else had it. It’s a combination of my nickname and the number of the back of the jersey I wore during 10 years of playing AFL. Tweets are mainly about beer, rugby league and any other stupid thought that enters my head.


If you’re more into pictures than words, well then Instagram is probably for you. Now, you can find me here. There’s usually some post about whatever book I’m reading at the moment. Along with other random crap – which is really what the internet is all about when you get down to it.



Ahh, Facebook. I thought about setting up a specific Facebook page for Last Day of School but that just seemed like too much work. I already have the beer blog and all its related social media stuff to keep up to speed with, as well as this blog, writing books and, of course, all that real life stuff like working and family. So having to feed another page for a second blog just seemed too hard. If you want to check out the beery Facebook page, then that can be found right here. But if you don’t feel like checking it out, that’s fine with me. I won’t even be the slightest bit upset.


If you’re not into social media  – or want to use more than 140 characters or a photo to send a message, you can use this good old-fashioned contact form. Go right ahead, I won’t think you’re out of touch or anything. I don’t have a leg to stand on in that regard – I still hire movies from a DVD store rather than figuring out how to download them.