Night Terrors: The True Story of the Kingsgrove Slasher

Night Terrors: The True Story of the Kingsgrove Slasher

Glen Humphries
June 2019
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When the serial prowler the Kingsgrove Slasher was finally caught, the police asked him to take a guess at how many homes and backyards he’d been in.

“It would be terribly hard to say,” he told them.

“Would it be hundreds or would it be thousands?” the police asked.

“Many, many hundreds. Perhaps thousands.”

Between 1956 and 1959, suburban Sydney was terrorised by a phantom known as the Kingsgrove Slasher. He started out as a peeping Tom who would slink around people’s backyards in the dead of night. In time he graduated to breaking into houses to watch people sleep before later deciding to slash women and girls with a razor while they lay in their beds.

Today the Slasher is barely a footnote in Australian criminal history, with many downplaying the extent of his crimes. But they were in some cases quite violent. Early in his spree, he punched a 21-year-old woman into unconsciousness, breaking her teeth and cutting her mouth and hit a teenage girl in the face with a piece of wood. Later he would slash a deep wound across the stomach of a 64-year-old female. The Slasher also groped teens in their beds, and one of his 18 victims was just seven years old.

Night Terrors is the first detailed account of the years the Kingsgrove Slasher was on loose. It draws on hundreds of newspaper articles written at the time – which give an indication of the level of fear in the community –  as well as the transcripts from the court hearings, which had been sealed since 1959. The result is a true-crime book that might make it hard for you to go to sleep at night.

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